Here's the bad news for European Pennywise fans: The band has had to cancel some upcoming tour dates. Now here's the good news: The tour break is happening to allow singer Zoli Teglas to recover following emergency surgery that saved him from potential paralysis.

Teglas' medical drama unfolded onstage at a performance in Germany last Friday (June 29), when he collapsed during the show and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors discovered that Teglas, who had been battling back pain during Pennywise's tour, was suffering from what the band later described as "lower back complications from a herniated disk." In a post at the Pennywise Facebook page, the band described the incident by writing that doctors "said he needed an immediate operation, or risk the chance of paralysis."

Fortunately, everything went as well as Teglas' surgeons could have hoped. "The surgery went as perfect as could be," continued the band's post. "He’s recovering very well and is already up and slowly moving around. Zoli is in good spirits and is recovering nicely."

Teglas joined the band in 2009, replacing longtime singer Jim Lindberg; his first album as Pennywise's vocalist, 'All or Nothing,' was released in May.

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