It's always fun when a song like 'You Make Me Happy' by Sophie Madeleine fits an advertisement like the Pets at Home: We Know Pets By Heart commercial so well. Now that the stigma of musicians "selling out" by licensing their tunes for commercials is for the most part gone -- it's one of the few remaining lucrative revenue streams left to unknown artists looking to make a living off music -- some have even gone as far as composing new music for such use.

Madeleine didn't pen the song 'You Make Me Happy' specifically for the Pets at Home commercial, but it sure sounds like she could have. Everything about this delightful ad -- which shows the personal pets owned by employees of the U.K.'s Pets at Home chain of pet stores -- fits in and is executed perfectly. The message: Cute pets make you happy? Cute pets make us happy! With so much in common, why wouldn't you want to shop at Pets at Home?

Outside this ad, Sophie Madeleine may best be known for her 30 Songs, 30 Days project, in which she -- you guessed it! -- covered 30 songs over the course of one month, turning in versions of tunes by Bon Iver, Magnetic Fields and others. 'You Make Me Happy' was released in 2011 as a digital single in the U.K. and is available for purchase via

Watch the Pets at Home Commercial Featuring Sophie Madeleine's 'You Make Me Happy'