Phish have covered countless bands over the years -- Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel, Ween, even freaking Rage Against the Machine. But even Rage don't rock harder than the legendary metal vets that Phish down-tuned their guitars to honor during their New Year's Eve gig in New York City, the final show of a four-night stand at Madison Square Garden.

"I've got a lot of names out here. People call me Leo sometimes. They call me the Chairman of the Board," Phish keyboardist Page McConnell said as he stepped to the mic before launching into his best Ozzy Osbourne impersonation for a Black Sabbath cover. "I am Iron Man!" No, he's not quite Iron Man, nor is he even an aging Ozzy. But he and the rest of Phish did manage to pull off a decent version of the classic 'Paranoid' track. If nothing else, it's better than what we initially thought Phish playing Sabbath would sound like.