In an exclusive video that takes fans inside their recording studio, Pilot for a Day show their softer sides in an acoustic version of their track, 'From Somewhere to Here.'

The punk pop outfit strips down the tune -- which normally includes a layer of synths -- giving it a more endearing nature while still walking the emo line. Hailing from Kansas City, Pilot for a Day are known for crafting powerful songs with thoughtful lyrics, and 'From Somewhere to Here' is definitely just that as it's a love letter to the future girl of lead singer Nolan Smith's dreams.

As Smith sings, "These words only go so far / Other kids were making plans / When I thought this was enough / But I'm looking for a girl / That can change my ways / The kind that sets my heart on fire / When I see her face," it's hard not to feel his raw, stripped-down intensity pour through the performance.

With emotional vocals over rock and punk melodies, Pilot for a Day show that they're clearly influenced by those bands that have come before them like Mayday Parade, Boys Like Girls, Cartel and the Maine, while still creating a sound that's unique to them.

'From Somewhere to Here' is the latest track off Pilot for a Day's debut album, 'Better Air.' Get your hands on the record here.