Pissed Jeans may have let their trousers dry up in the three years since they released their latest album, 'King of Jeans,' but don't expect the Allentown, Penn.-based noise-core rockers to stay that way on their long-awaited fourth one, 'Honeys,' due out early next year. The quartet is previewing 'Honeys' with the track 'Bathroom Laughter,' and it offers every last howling barb and stab of wild noise you've come to expect -- check it out below.

Pissed Jeans tapped producer and founding Fudgetunnel member Alex Newport to helm the disc, and you can hear his influence immediately. In other words, you'll want to be first in line when Feb. 13 rolls around, and you can finally get your hands on 'Honeys.'

Listen to Pissed Jeans' 'Bathroom Laughter'