Kim Deal may have left months ago. However, the Pixies have proven that they have more than regrouped with 'EP-1.' And with a new sound, the influential rockers just released their latest video, 'What Goes Boom.'

Directed by Jonathan Furmanski and Matthew Galkin, guitarist Joey Santiago takes us on a trek through the desert. Furmanski, Galkin and the band had a more elaborate idea for the visual. However, it wasn't as practical on their budget so they went with this instead. "Our original vision for the 'What Goes Boom' video was to create an homage to a central, dramatic scene in 'Star Wars,'" the directors told NPR. "But, after that idea proved a bit too costly to produce, we decided the next best thing was to blow up Joey Santiago in the desert – the compromises we make for our art."

The song is a metal-esque, ballsy one for the band with a straightforward story. "The song is about a girl, a girl who plays the bass guitar. It's got kind of a metal riff which I think that, on occasion, we all really enjoy playing, even though we're not a metal band. And I wouldn't be the first to write a song about some gal who plays bass," songwriter and guitarist Black Francis explained.