New Zealand duo PleasePlease have created some addictive dance music just in time for your summer soundtrack.

Longtime friends from Mount Maunganui, Ryan Mulligan and Antony Jeffaries didn’t discover their shared love for dance music until a year ago. They quickly started collaborating after Mulligan shared a track with Jeffaries, who lent his vocals.

We’re offering ‘Viva La Piano,’ the band’s debut single, as today’s free MP3 download. It’s already gaining traction on New Zealand radio, and we think it’s time for you to hear it, too. This one has the potential to become your new favorite summer jam.

The song was written in one day, which might explain the urgent yet joyous sound. Between Jefarries’ vocals and the thumping beat, PleasePlease have created an extremely infectious tune, and as the twosome explains, its seasonal relevance is no accident.

“‘Viva La Piano’ is about one of those killer summer days where you spend the whole day doing whatever you want with the person you want to be with,” Jeffaries told

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