Aussie psych-freaks Pond begin 'Moth Wings' with a whisper, a sort of Cheshire cat grin about "stepping on a moth and nearly breaking its wing." The Perthers whisper about how you "should never give it up." After those first few seconds, the single off of 'Beard, Wives, Denim' quickly builds to a bang, all sung-shout vocals, big time cymbals and a monstrously psychedelic guitar riff.There's some seriously heavy funk going on here, bring to mind visions of lava lamps, leopard print and laser beams. It's the kind of music Hunter S. Thompson might have listened to while carving his way through the Outback, heavy and wild and maybe even danceable.

Vocals swirl with the churn of lead and rhythm guitar, asking the listener  to "give it up" -- what "it" could be is up for discussion. The Beach Boys-on-acid sound here could have come out of 1972, and sounds just as juicy 40 years later. So bang your head, light some incense and hop into the deep end with Pond.
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