Astoria, Queens' DIY pop-rock outfit Beecher's Fault have been delivering their personal form of catchy hooks and insightful synth cues for a few years now, and the band's new video for "Liquor Store" -- complete with miles of boardwalk, a clown and carnival rides -- is exactly what you need to get you ready for the summer. Check it out below.

Directed by Tracy Utley at Fly Labs, the video is a perfect representation of the band: fun, friendly and most importantly, all about the music. In regards to the band's new album, Do as People Do, and direction, frontman Ben Taylor tells us, "This is our most fan-centric release to date and we hope that the interactive video, coupled with the record-store style website will really appeal to people and strengthen our connection with those who support us."

Do as People Do is out now and you can purchase it, as well as some cool bundles (including a private concert in your own living room), via the band's website. Beecher's Fault's music was also recently featured as part of Cole Haan's American Dream film project; you can hear their song, "Matchstick Kings," during the end credits of every episode, the first of which is streaming here.

Watch Beecher's Fault's Music Video for "Liquor Store"