The Decemberists' Colin Meloy is a pretty talented man. Not only does he front one of the most respected bands in the world, Meloy has become a best-selling author with his 'Wildwood Chronicles' series. The musician/writer will release the second installment, 'Under Wildwood,' this fall.

'Under Wildwood' is the sequel to Meloy's first book 'Wildwood,' which was about a seventh-grade girl named Prue McKeel living in Portland, Ore. Prue lives an average life until one day her brother is abducted by crows and taken to an enchanted forest called "The Impassable Wilderness." 'Under Wildwood' continues the adventures of Prue, joined by her friend Curtis, who must fight to survive and save their friends.

'Under Wildwood' is once again illustrated by Meloy's wife, artist Carson Ellis, and Decemberists fans should be very familiar with her work. The novel will be released on Sept. 25 via HarperCollins. It's the second of Meloy's three-book deal for the publisher. Fans can read the first three chapters of the book courtesy of Time.

In other Decemberists-related news, the band released their first live album last month entitled ‘We All Raise Our Voices To The Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11).’ The collection comes in two formats: a double-CD set or three vinyl records.