Considering how iconic the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'Psycho' is, it's not surprising that the movie inspired a song of the same name. It was just four years after the movie hit theaters that Seattle-based garage rock band the Sonics issued the tune 'Psycho' on their 1963 debut album, 'Here Are the Sonics,' and one more for them to release it as a single. 'Psycho' the song never charted -- the Sonics were way more influential than they ever were commercially successful -- but it may have helped start a long-running tradition of garage rockers and later punkers showing a fascination with the horror genre.

It may seem shocking in retrospect considering the endless praise Hitchcock's 'Psycho' has garnered, but the movie didn't open with the best of reviews. But huge box office numbers prompted critics to reevaluate their reviews, and it wasn't long before 'Psycho' was considered one of the greats. It ended up snagging four nominations at that year's Academy Awards, and is now considered one of the director's best films.  In 1992, 'Psycho' was among the flicks selected by the Library of Congress  to be preserved at the National Film Registry, assuring its enduring legacy for years to come.


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