At first, it sounds like an incomplete thought: "I want a girl that wants to oh-oh-oh-oh." But then comes the next line, and suddenly, 'Monaco,' the brand-new single from New York City power-pop pups Public Access T.V., makes total sense. "She's got that morning after glow," the band's singer, simply billed as "John," sings, bridging the distance between the Strokes' 'Last Night' and Rick Springfield's 'Jessie's Girl.'

It's pure '79-style skinny-tie rock, though as John says in a press release touting the group's recent U.K. triumphs -- the NME named them the "hottest new band" -- and announcing a Jan. 30 show at the East Village bar Niagra, it's far from a frivolous guitar jam. It's a musical mission statement -- a reaction against those misguided fools that favor hipness over hooks.

"Manhattan's gone stale," he says. "Too many bands trying too hard to be seen as cool and not actually writing good songs. With Public Access T.V. we want to draw a line in the sand between US and THEM."

If you side with the former, click here for slightly more info on the enigmatic trio.