Among Pure Bathing Culture's many talents: They make rock critics sound like, well, rock critics. Describing the band's full-length debut, 'Moon Tides,' journalists reach for words like "glassy," "sparkling" and "glistening," and indeed, their songs have a crystalline loveliness seldom heard in the indie scene, even among fellow bands sidled with the dream-pop tag.

The duo of guitarist Daniel Hindman and keyboardist Sarah Versprille came together in New York but relocated to Portland, Ore., where they've been wooing fans with their ear-nuzzling sounds since 2011. Not long after their album's Aug. 20 release, Pure Bathing Culture stopped by Diffuser HQ for an acoustic performance of 'Only Lonely Lovers.' On record, it's testament to the group's tasteful use of effects, and live, it shows Hindman and Versprille don't need anything but six strings and 2:18 to blow our freakin' minds.

Watch Pure Bathing Culture Perform 'Only Lonely Lovers'