RABYT grew up on the shores of Lake Erie on the outskirts of Cleveland in an all too familiar town named Painesville. A preacher’s kid, she first strummed a guitar when she was just 10 years old, and soon was performing with the church choir. Then at 15, she joined the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Choir.

Traveling across the country and holing up in New York City for a few years, she now calls Los Angeles home and is getting ready to unleash her debut EP, The Noise. Today (March 30), Diffuser is thrilled to give you a taste of what to expect -- stream the disc's title-track in the audio player below.

"'The Noise' came from a personal struggle to discover and express myself musically," RABYT tells us. "I was raised in Ohio on rock and roll, however during my journey around the U.S. I found myself drifting at times, lost with what kind of music to make. I was confused by what producers or others wanted to hear."

She goes on, "Finding my place as a musician has been a long and bumpy road filled with pain, loss and some extreme rejection -- all the blood, sweat and tears people talk about. Thanks to collaborators who really cared enough to get to know me and learn my roots, I came full circle, realizing there's no place like home ... My heart wants to rock!"

Produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage the ElephantThe Noise is set to hit the streets in the next few months, and if the title-track is any indication, it's an EP that will quickly rise to the top of our stacks. Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in RABYT's world at her official website.