When we premiered RABYT's title-track for her latest EP, The Noise, she explained that the song "came from a personal struggle to discover and express myself musically. I was raised in Ohio on rock and roll, however, during my journey around the U.S., I found myself drifting at times, lost with what kind of music to make."

Today (June 11), Diffuser is excited to partner with RABYT once again, this time for the debut of the official music video for "The Noise," a fast-paced visual that clearly shows she has, at least for now, overcome that personal struggle and is done drifting -- check it out above.

In fact, with the new video, RABYT is hoping to help others feel inspired, too. "Do yo want the noise? Do you just want to rock out sometimes? Your parents, teachers, boss -- they just don't understand," she exclaims. "Well, I hear you -- loud and clear!"

The Noise is RABYT's latest five-song EP, and you can pick it up here. Learn more about the Ohio-based rocker -- and stay up-to-date with everything happening in her world -- at RABYT's official website.