At Radio, our frighteningly brilliant online station, we’re hooked on new music. This week, we've pumped up our playlist with six fresh jams, and as you might expect, we've made variety our top priority. If you have ears and a heart, you'll find something you like.

First up, L.A. octet the Mowgli's make a beeline for that part of your brain where songs get stuck. If you can listen to their tune 'San Francisco' and not hum it for the rest of the day, you're a human marvel. The same goes for 'Dance All Night,' the latest from good-time Philly rockers Free Energy.

Less catchy but memorable all the same is Alt-J's 'Matilda,' which reminds us why these British rockers won the Mercury Prize. Staying in the U.K., Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club give us the sweeping 'Next Year,' an appropriate pick, given the recent holiday.

And for all the aging hipsters out there, we've got two choice tunes from indie rock vets. Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, hits us with 'Silent Machine,' while the pride of Hoboken, Yo La Tengo, regale us with the best seven-minute song we've heard in at least 14 minutes: 'Ohm.'

Hear all six -- as well as hundreds of other essential tracks -- by clicking the link below.

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