Remember when Radiohead played guitars? We don't mean to say that we're not fans of their more esoteric work, but no other traditional rock outfit sounded like the Oxford quintet did back in the day. They took heavily-distorted minor-chord guitar rock to another level -- and sometimes we miss that. Seeing the fellows play live at the MTV Beach House sure does take us back to a simpler time -- a time when MTV had bands on who did wacky stuff like jump in the pool at the end of the song. Check out the clip from '93 above.

What we don't miss, however, is frontman Thom Yorke's bottle-blond hair. But if we were to start criticizing rock stars on their hair style choices, we'd be here all day. You may notice, however, that guitarist Jonny Greenwood's look has barely changed at all in the decade since the band broke into the mainstream.

And while the die-hard Radiohead fans will remember the above song, 'Anyone Can Play Guitar,' every person on the planet who's ever heard a rock song knows the band's first single, 'Creep.' It's become a staple of drunken karaoke and has been featured in some high-profile covers. And while Radiohead has forsaken 'Creep' live, we still have this video to remind ourselves of what once was: