We're not going to say we told you so, but -- well, we told you so. Confirming our prediction, Radiohead have been added to the Coachella 2012 live stream schedule for tonight. Radiohead are slated to hit the Coachella main stage at 11:05PM PT (2:05AM PT), and the band's headlining set will in fact be webcast on YouTube. Check out Saturday's updated Coachella webcast schedule and also watch the actual live stream here.

All week the 11:05 slot has been listed as "TBA" and Radiohead have been scheduled to perform at the same time, leaving some people to conclude Radiohead would be filling the slot. No other band was scheduled to hit the stage at that time -- a fact that many pointed to as rock-solid evidence that the Radiohead webcast was destined to go down.

In what is sure to be a complete coincidence, it wasn't long after our prediction earlier this evening that the rumor reached a fever pitch. Soon after that the secret was out and Radiohead were confirmed for the webcast. As we reported earlier, Radiohead played Coachella back in 2004. Eight years later and they are gearing up for their triumphant return.