How much would you pay for one of the rarest Pearl Jam concert posters in existence? An eBay buyer recently shelled out more than $2,500 for a silkscreened poster that was not sold to the public.

The poster is for a July 13, 2006 gig with Sonic Youth at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It features a maroon and yellow background with soaring waves made out of skulls and hands reaching toward a green moon. Also in the blue of the water are cars, oil barrels, computers and garbage cans.

This particular item featured the signature of poster artist Emek. On Monday, the auction ended and the limited edition, mint condition poster sold for $2,550 plus $18 for shipping. Just imagine how many Pearl Jam concerts you could attend for that some amount of money!

The band played 30 songs at this gig, including 'Do the Evolution,' 'Last Kiss' and 'World Wide Suicide,' plus covers like Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive' and the Rolling Stones' 'Waiting On a Friend.'

Pearl Jam fans will soon have a new album to look forward to. Guitarist Stone Gossard says the new material will expand the band's boundaries.