The Red Hot Chili Peppers have unleashed the latest and fourth overall offering from their new 7-inch single series of ‘By the Way’ outtakes. The A-side 'Hometown Gypsy' and its accompanying B-side 'The Sunset Sleeps' are now available for purchase as a 7-inch vinyl single (along with the first three in the series) via Warner Bros. Records or as digital digital downloads through iTunes. Both songs are also streaming below.

'Hometown Gypsy' is an upbeat country jig of a tune, driven by taut snare accents and some busy fingers on the piano, with singer Anthony Kiedis name-dropping Jack Kerouac as he spins his own Kerouac-like yarn. 'The Sunset Sleeps' showcases Kiedis' lower register as the vocal melody nosedives and then warbles its way back into place in a slightly disoriented way, just in time for new-ish guitarist Josh Klinghoffer to play his best mind-warping solo magic.

Those four singles will be followed up by another five -- one Dec. 4, the next Dec. 18 and three more in early 2013. Buy them all, and the artwork for each cover will fit together into one large, trippy piece -- like a very simple, very psychedelic puzzle.

Listen to 'Hometown Gypsy' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Listen to 'The Sunset Sleeps' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers