Singer-songwriters have been trying to capture honesty and emotions in their work for, like, ever. Justin Gill, who records as Redvers, nails all of that plus some truths about the human condition in his new single, 'Cycle of Welcome.'

The song comes from his recently released debut album, 'Truth in Silence,' and takes a look at what happens when people struggle to get through life and what ultimately comes from those challenges.

Take a listen to the song, an exclusive premiere:

It's no surprise that Redvers' words are deep and dramatic. His early introduction to Eastern philosophies and meditation have been a great influence in his music.

“If we concern ourselves with the news, the world can seem remarkably bleak,” the Australian singer-songwriter says. “But life and its struggle is beautiful, and I think to struggle is good. It's a display of effort toward something pure."

Despite the heavy double bass that anchors the melody and the steady guitar strumming, the song offers a bit of uplift in its lyrics: "Don't let their gravity drag you down / It's so unreal / It's like a game of hi in the smiles / Above plain view / Even though a raven can corrupt her mind," Redvers sings in the chorus.

Most welcoming indeed.