There's still some work to do, but it looks like Peter Buck may be the first of the R.E.M. band members to be pushing a solo record.

Slicing Up Eyeballs reports that the R.E.M. guitarist has been keeping busy since last year's split, first teaming up with the musical collective known as the Baseball Project, and then using his spare time to start work on his own disc.

Steve Wynn, who has partnered with Buck in the Baseball Project, used his stint as a guest DJ on New Jersey's WFMU to premiere a new song from the guitarist.

The track is called '10 Million B.C.,' and it's a fuzzed out psychedelic trip that feels like it's fresh out of the '60s. Buck peppers the lyric "Come on baby, take a trip with me" amidst a stream-of-consciousness delivery while his backing vocalists ably add the "ooh, la la las" that keep the song a groovy good time. Buck even lets loose with a primal howl toward the end, which just solidifies the grit of the song.

At present, there's no title, release date or further details concerning Buck's solo record.

Listen to Peter Buck's '10 Million B.C.'