Repeater emerged from the remains of Long Beach's premier dark wave outfit, the Main Frame, and have since turned into the evolving project of musician Steve Krolikowski. Three EPs and three albums over nearly a decade have led to Repeater’s debut self-titled full-length album, set for release on Nov. 18. Ahead of that much-anticipated day, Diffuser has teamed up with the band to give fans a taste of the new LP in the form of the mesmerizing track, ‘Captive.’ Check it out below.

'Captive' instantly grabs the listener's attention and holds it for two and a half minutes; the song will no doubt require multiple listening sessions, especially as you try to decipher the underlying meaning of it as it fades out with the haunting lyric, "This is a test that I'm willing to fail."

“It’s a condensed folk ballad -- more of a pop song by virtue of brevity,” Krolikowski tells us. “In some foggy setting, existential crisis takes on a very dramatic tone.”

He goes on, “I have conquered so many demons, but perhaps they were the ones protecting me. Things are still just as hard as ever. The world hurts and so do we, the servants of love and loathing.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom as far as Krolikowski is concerned: “The message is to carry on, not despite, but because of adversity. Humility is a good traveling companion, and can take guilt’s place at your side.”

If you like what you hear, head over to Repeater's official website to explore their past catalog -- and whatever you do, make sure to mark Nov. 18 on your calendar.