Legendary New Zealand indie-pop forefather Peter Gutteridge died today (Sept. 15) in Auckland. Although his birth date is unknown, he was believed to have been 52 or 53.

A founding member of the Clean, the Chills and the Great Unwashed, Gutteridge is largely credited as one of the original musicians behind the early '80s Dunedin sound and Flying Nun Records. He's perhaps best known for his noise-drone outfit, Snapper, and solo recordings including 1989's 'Pure,' which was recently reissued by 540 Records.

Snapper performed reunion shows last year following Gutteridge's treatment for drug addiction. He also played his first ever U.S. show earlier this month.

Flying Nun posted the following statement:

We are greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Gutteridge today.

Peter was a Flying Nun original, a founding member of The Clean, The Chills and of course his own brilliant band Snapper. A great talent, he was also member of the Great Unwashed, involved in many Dunedin bands and went on to release beautiful solo material across the years.

All of us, and so many people around the world, have been touched and affected by his music, whether it be the swirling fuzz of the guitar or haunting piano melodies, Peter was a true hero of New Zealand music, and will be deeply missed.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

Thank you Peter for all the music, may you rest in peace.


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