Performing at the 21st day of this year's iTunes Festival in London yesterday (Sept. 21), Ryan Adams powered through a bit of illness as he and the Shining played 18 songs to a packed audience.

"This amazing thing happened right before I did this, I lost my f---ing voice," Adams told the crowd. "I'm not kidding. I'm shot up with so much cortisone I feel like the Hulk." Even when he's not feeling the greatest, the singer-songwriter's unique sense of humor remains perfectly intact.

Opening with the lead single from his eponymous album, 'Gimme Something Good,' the concert featured tunes from throughout Adams' career, including both solo and Cardinals material. For those lucky fans in attendance -- and the thousands who were watching at home via iTunes -- Adams did an amazing job of putting new spins on familiar tunes; this was evident in the opening of 'Fix It' and 'Let It Ride,' both of which never lost their original appeal, but featured subtly different arrangements.

Ending the night on a more mellow note -- trying to preserve his voice for his upcoming shows -- Adams and company gave the fans 'Easy Plateau' from 2005's 'Cold Roses' and the fan-favorite, 'Come Pick Me Up.'

Check out the full setlist below, and get Adams' remaining tour schedule here.

Ryan Adams -- Setlist, Sept. 21, 2014
‘Gimme Something Good’
‘Fix It’
‘Dirty Rain’
‘Stay With Me’
‘Let It Ride’
‘Am I Safe’
‘Everybody Knows’
‘I Just Might’
‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’
‘Rats In the Wall’
‘When the Summer Ends’
‘The Door’
‘My Wrecking Ball’

‘Easy Plateau’
‘Come Pick Me Up’