In the recent issue of the U.K.'s Uncut magazine, Ryan Adams talks about his new self-titled album, how smoking pot saved him from Meniere's disease and opens up about some of his long-lost albums, like 'Commercial Suicide Handbook' and 'Blackhole.'

Adams also declares his deep respect and appreciation for Jack White and everything he's done -- and is doing -- for rock and roll. "Rock n' roll got its deserved hero when Jack White stepped up and was like, 'Watch me devastate your entire f---ing industry and all of your expectations of rock with a plastic guitar.'"

He goes on to reflect on the demise of the CD and how White was poised to step up and take over the world. "It was like watching everybody in the music industry get what they deserve at the hands of this guy out of Detroit who's seriously, seriously consumed the power of the mythological s--t from Led Zeppelin and the blues elements," Adams tells Uncut. "I mean, think about that: rock n' roll starts with the blues, and the real industrial part of music dies with the blues -- with a f---ing blues champion. Like all of a sudden here's this hero, and you can't manufacture what that is ... that's the sickest story ever."

Read Adams' entire interview in the October issue of Uncut magazine.

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