Ryan Adams is known for being a seriously prolific writer and recording musician -- he's released three full-length albums in just the last two years -- but it looks like his next project may not be a follow-up to his most recent solo album, last year's 'Ashes and Fire.' In fact, Adams may be focusing his current attention on the next disc from his wife, the actress and pop singer Mandy Moore, who is apparently working on new material for a sequel to her own latest release, 2009's 'Amanda Leigh.'

"I'm probably going to work with my husband on this album," Moore tells CBS News, adding that she hopes to have the as-yet-untitled disc completed by the end of this year or early net year, no matter what role Adams ends up taking for the project. "I'm not sure necessarily in what capacity [Adams will be helping], but we've been writing a little bit together. He has a studio, so I definitely want to make my record there."

If nothing else, working with the alt-country singer will fulfill Moore's desire to change things up in the musical realm -- something she doesn't always get to do, but has no qualms about spending time to seek out  when she can.  "I try to be picky and choosy and find things that are going to help you grow and evolve and challenge you," Moore concludes. "If projects don't really fit that kind of criteria, then I'm happy to try to be as patient as possible and wait for the right things to come along."