If you’ve ever seen Ryan Adams live, listened to him in an interview or even read his tweets, you know the singer-songwriter is a massive fan of comics. Lately, Adams has been writing and drawing his own comics while on the road in support of his latest self-titled album (including more recent dates with touring mate Jenny Lewis).

In a recent interview for Marvel.com’s podcast, Adams revealed that he will publish his original comics and he's planning on creating individual soundtracks for each one.

“As the comics are starting to get half-way to three-quarters of the way done, they’re starting to get finished. I’m going to make soundtracks for them with these guys [the Shining],” he revealed in the interview. “Or I’ll actually go to Daniel [Clarke] or somebody will have a feeling and they’ll go, ‘Hey, can I do this one?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Absolutely. Can I add some vocals later?’ Or maybe not even; maybe Danny will do the whole thing.”

In the interview, the former Whiskeytown frontman said he’s already recorded some of the soundtracks with his current band in his mobile recording booth.

Adams said he wants the comics to take on a classic look when they’re finished.

“I gotta find some place that can color it with those dots, those color dots,” he said. “I want it to be colored like an ‘80s comic book, where you could tell it was going through a press and you could see the small dots, like they made that arrangement somehow.”

“I’m gonna get better, and then I’m gonna get great, and then I’m gonna get amazing,” Adams said of his pastime. “That’s the way it’s gonna go, because I have all these really great ideas about how I want to do it, and I can break every rule I want.”

Adams has unveiled some of the panels for his new comics via Twitter -- check ‘em out below: