Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is set to issue his new self-titled album on Sept. 9, but the version being released is not the one originally recorded. Adams spent a small fortune, an estimated $100,000, recording the album, only to ditch those sessions entirely.

The original sessions, produced by the legendary Glyn Johns, were scrapped by Adams. He recently told the NME about those sessions, saying, "It was slow, adult sh-t," adding, "I'm over that now."

That kind of attitude doesn't come cheap at 100 grand, but Adams seems unconcerned about that, or what people think of his music for that matter. “I’m too old to care who likes my records,” he continued. “It’s all bullsh-t anyway. People make judgments about records but the music is eternal.”

Somehow, he puts this in perspective by referencing the much criticized third Oasis album.  “I like 'Be Here Now,'" he said, "I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind." We're not sure if that's a prescription for his new album or just friendly advice from the one time 'next big thing.'

Adams recently issued the first video from his forthcoming album, which features the one and only Elvira. He also announced a batch of tour dates in support of the album, which is set to be released on this own Pax-Am label, via Universal.