Ryan Adams may or may not have broken his rib recently. Details are sparse about the possible injury, so much so that even Adams himself isn't entirely sure what's going on.

It started Tuesday (May 26), when Adams tweeted that he "wants to throw up a fireball of pain":

At the moment, it seems unclear as to what caused the injury. Adams also posted a photo on Instagram of a doctor's office and wrote that his rib, regardless of its condition, won't force him to cancel any upcoming shows:

So this is what we know: Playing the harmonica is currently a struggle for Adams, he thinks it might be a rib issue and we'll probably find out soon what exactly is going on with his health. Regardless, we want to send out our best wishes to him and that stupid rib that's causing him grief.

Adams is currently in Canada as part of his North American tour, which he'll wrap up on June 6 at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City before leaving the continent for shows abroad until the end of July. Complete upcoming dates are available at his website.

Here's to hoping that Adams doesn't receive any news that will sideline him, despite his apparent refusal to let something as pesky as a broken rib bring him down.