Ryn Weaver's video for "Traveling Song," from her debut album, The Fool, is a compilation of home movies shot by her grandfather, Max.

The video starts off with footage of a stage performance in which Weaver dedicates a performance of the song to her grandpa. But the video itself consists mostly of older footage – tapes he filmed of Weaver as a baby in her crib; as a toddler at the beach; as a little girl on a merry-go-round; as a teenager graduating from high school.

"Everywhere I roam/ I'll see you on the road," Weaver sings on the quiet acoustic ballad, perhaps more about traveling through time than traveling down literal pathways. As the video closes, with one of the only shots of Max, there's the sense that Weaver is saying goodbye to someone who helped define who she was -- through whose eyes she watched herself grow up. Watch it below.

"Traveling Song" is a quieter selection from The Fool, which vacillates from high-energy pop to softer folk ballads. The album followed up Weaver's overnight 2014 pop hit "OctaHate."

Ryn Walker -- "Traveling Song" (Official Music Video)