The best liquor commercials convey an individualistic attitude and a healthy respect for good times -- and the new ad for Sailor Jerry spiced rum is no exception.

Stuffed with oversaturated shots of people embracing life to the fullest -- both at work and at play -- the 30-second spot aims to be an attention-getter for rum connoisseurs who may not be familiar with the Sailor Jerry brand, which has been slowly gathering steam (and market share) since the turn of the century, using the vintage Misfits track 'Where Eagles Dare' to help convey the company's bold aesthetic.

Originally recorded in 1979 as a B-side of the Misfits' 'Night of the Living Dead' single, 'Where Eagles Dare' has had a long history -- both in the band's discography, where it was re-recorded in 1985 for the 'Legacy of Brutality' compilation, and among bands the Misfits influenced, such as Therapy? and Bratmobile, both of whom have recorded covers.

'Where Eagles Dare' is a uniquely good fit for the Sailor Jerry brand, named after legendary tattoo artist Norman Collins. The company was started in 1999 by two Collins proteges, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone, and has been used to sell a wide variety of goods, including clothes, shot glasses, and ashtrays. Arguably more of a true "lifestyle" brand than companies like Budweiser or Absolut, Sailor Jerry has refrained from using TV advertising to spread awareness -- until now, that is.

Watch the Sailor Jerry 2012 Commercial Feat. the Misfits' 'Where Eagles Dare'