The people of Iceland really know how to make you feel, and that's especially true in the case of the young group Samaris. To most of us, they're singing a melodic gibberish that vaguely resembles English, and a string of vowels can be mistaken for earthly elements -- or incantations of love.

The band recently had their melancholy single 'Góða Tungl' remixed by London-based artist Sei A -- and it's spectacular. By simply adding trip-hop percussion and some digital mastery, the remix stands strongly on its own.

"While being true to the original, Sei A brings a techy but smooth approach which I think is really great," Samaris tell "My favorite parts of the remix are the added male vocal sample and the chords that come in on around minute three. Great groove!"

Samaris signed to U.K. label One Little Indian this year and hope to release a full-length in the fall of 2014.

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