To celebrate the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III in France, the company has released a new 2012 commercial featuring the music of French electronic duo Justice.

Last year's Samsung ad called Unleash Your Fingers featured performer JayFunk dancing using only his fingers and arms. The complicated hand choreography was groundbreaking. This time around, JayFunk has brought a friend, as well as digital effects, to jazz up the promo.

The spot begins like Samsung's last commercial, with JayFunk seated and twisting his fingers into odd positions to the beat of the music, which is Justice's song 'Helix.' Then the camera pulls back to reveal a second performer. The guys create visual effects like broken glass and glowing string with the movements of their hands.

JayFunk gets to use his full body in this one. The dancers stand and swing their limbs around, carrying with them computer-created geometric shapes. It's a break dancing routine for the digital age! At the end, a shot of the Samsung Galaxy S III cell phone appears, which is necessary, because by that point it's easy to forget exactly what the commercial is promoting. Samsung has an entire site dedicated to the Unleash Your Fingers movement.

'Helix' is a song from Justice's most recent album, 2011's 'Audio, Video, Disco.' The group is probably best known in the U.S. for the song 'D.A.N.C.E.' and its memorable pop art video with morphing t-shirt images. Justice have been nominated for four Grammys and won one for remixing MGMT's 'Electric Feel.'

Hear Justice's 'Helix' in the Samsung Galaxy S III 2012 Commercial