On first look, Say Lou Lou's 'Better in the Dark' visuals look more like a fashion advertorial than a music video.

But that's not too surprising for the Swedish/Australian twin sisters, who are not only musicians but are also signed to Next Model Management. The mix of fashion and dream-pop works well in this video, as numerous tight shots artfully strung together show off the singers as well as the clothing.

Set in what looks like a late-'70s-era home and a cinema, the video conveys the idea of light and dark, as each of the girls are wearing black and white outfits and dancing around. Mirrors show off their reflections -- which is how they communicate with the men in video -- and form a kaleidoscope effect.

Directed by Magnus Härdner, the video is definitely one to check out -- if not for the song than for the avant garde approach. 'Better in the Dark' lands via Columbia Records on Dec. 30, while Say Lou Lou's debut album is due out in 2014.