This week saw the release of Scott Walker and Sunn O)))'s terrifying sonic adventure, 'Soused.' (We broke down the release in detail here.) Now, the French artist (and Sunn O))) collaborator) Gisèle Vienne has created a video piece as a companion to the first song on the album, the brooding, violent 'Brando.' Watch it above.

On 'Soused,' 'Brando' functions as a kind of clarion call, guitars playing the part of bugles as Walker's sonorous voice announces the album's overwhelming, nefarious intent. Here, in Vienne's video, the scene is starker -- a teenager embraces his mother, watches her lurch and stumble from behind a glass door, and finally sees her fall victim to some unspoken violence. Faces are obscured by horror and distress as the scene unfolds in some mountain hideaway, all clean architectural lines and towering green mountains. All of this juxtaposed with the sounds of slapping, of whips, of Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley shattering and dismantling with his guitar, of Walker intoning: "A beating would do me a world of good."

Walker nor the band have said anything about the video's meaning, or how it fits with the song. So just watch it and let the horror wash over you.