If 2012 is truly the year that the world as we know it ends, we imagine the apocalyptic future will look like the music video for the Flaming Lips and Prefuse 73 collaboration 'The Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee.' The song was recorded exclusively for Flaming Lips' Record Store Day release, 'The Flaming Lips and Heavy Fwends' and is pretty intense.

The video is completely animated and goes all over the map. Wild images include giant lobsters, machine gun-toting grandmas, roasted dogs, mutant-looking humanoids, a dead spaceman and more. There is a peeing caveman thrown in for good measure. This is definitely a clip that you should not let children watch, unless of course you want to scar them for life.

You can view the video in its entirety below.

'The Flaming Lips and Heavy Fwends' features collabos with Bon Iver, Ke$ha, New Fumes and more. A limited quantity of the record even included blood from some of the artists. The video for 'Girl, You're So Weird' with New Fumes also debuted last week. Watch it here, but keep in mind that it's NSFW.

The Flaming Lips will appear at a number of festivals starting next month. The band will travel to Spain and Japan starting May 5 and will return to the States May 19 in Atlanta, Ga., for Party in the Park. It was announced a few days ago that the Flaming Lips would play a free show at NXNE in Toronto, Canada on June 16.

Watch 'The Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee' Video by the Flaming Lips and Prefuse 73