The guys from Seekae know what makes a strong IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) track. Up until recently, the trio from Sydney, Australia, dealt mainly in instrumental music, meaning there were no hooks or words to distract from the seductive down-tempo electronics. The songs were sleek and cool and more than a little mysterious, and on their latest single, 'Another,' the group introduces vocals, proving they can craft catchy, more pop-leaning fare without straying too far from the sound that's earned them praise from the likes of Uncut and Dazed + Confused. Seekae recently signed to Future Classics, winners of this year's Best Independent Label prize at the Australian Independent Music Awards, and early next year, they'll drop their third album. In advance of the release, Seekae member John Hassell made Diffuser a list of the 10 Most Underrated IDM Songs of the '00s.

  • 'Riviere'

    Abstrakt Keal Agram
    A band that always remained a mystery to me, but a track that was a favourite for many years. One for a late night drive with the boys.
  • 'Mother Mcknight'

    Chris Clark
    It seems to be the way that Warp artists save some of the best tracks for EPs rather than albums. You can always smell the MPC with Clark.
  • 'Any Unrequited As Well'

    Phwoar. This guy really hits the spot. He really manages to push electronica into a classical realm, but crank this at an eastern suburbs house party, and you're sure to be asked to leave.
  • 'Drink Malk'

    Hands down, the song that inspired me to start making electronica. I still can't quite grasp how he programs his drums the way he does. It's something else.
  • 'Corsair'

    Boards of Canada
    Whenever I hear people talk about their favourite BOC tracks, this never gets mentioned. For me, there's no doubt.
  • 'Juli'

    Kim Hiorthoy
    A beautiful, almost non-existent beat. A fantastic and very underrated producer.
  • 'Punktsplid'

    Karsten Pflum
    The melody seems to dictate the rhythm here. The beat sounds like its been put in a blender and then a washing machine. Cracking stuff.
  • 'Whilst Making Other Plans'

    Such a crisp song. Would love to pop this on at Low End Theory and watch a riot break out.
  • Leraine

    Mate, this track ... don't get me started. OK I won't.
  • Tadd Mulanix


    Off Ghostly International's first full-length release, this is a brilliant track by the artist also known as Dabrye. It took a while to sink in, but after a few listens Tadd Mullinix's genius is clearly apparent.