Primus recently announced plans to take their psychedelic 3-D movie spectacular on the road, and the prospect of that touring visual extravaganza got us thinking: What other, even more outlandish concert gimmicks would we like to see? As we mulled it over, we came up with five, each associated with one of the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Feast your eyes (and ears, noses, taste buds and nerve endings) on this list: 5 Sensory-Related Tour Gimmicks We'd Like to See.

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    Ever wondered what the Daft Punk dudes see through those rad space helmets they're always wearing? We always guessed there would be some crazy imaging software in there that creates an effect that is part Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg in 'T:2' and part Google Glass. Well, wonder no more: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have you covered. Buy a Super VIP ticket to their next tour, and you'll get your very own Daft Punk helmet -- which not only looks badass, but is specially equipped with a screen inside that shows you exactly what Daft Punk see while they're playing.

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    Hearing: You're lucky to have any left if you've seen My Bloody Valentine, a band so loud that they hand out construction-grade ear plugs for free at their shows. But those cut out too many decibels and muddy up the mix, so next time, the group will instead pass out headphones similar to the ones used on the Flaming Lips' late-'90s International Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue tour, which allowed listening to with directly and with greater sonic clarity (but less volume) while still feeling the powerful force of a full live P.A. system.

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    Morrissey's somewhat obsessed fan base has a reputation for risking life and limb (and beat-downs from venue security) simply to touch their god-like icon, while Courtney Love made a name of her own back in the day for her frequent drunken and half-naked trips into the audience during Hole performances. Put the two together and what do you get? The Moz/C-Lo Groping-Welcome Tour, where each ticket holder is allowed one opportunity to cop a feel of each star, and everybody walks away happy (except probably Morrissey, who has developed a healthy fear of being touched over the years and probably wonders why he ever agreed to it).

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    Cibo Matto (translation: "weird food" in Italian) are gearing up for a comeback tour and album, their first since 1999! In the spirit of such tunes as 'Know Your Chicken,' 'Apple' and 'Birthday Cake,' the theme for their trek will be a bizarre obsession with food. To celebrate, an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring all Matto-related foodstuffs will be available at each show. Meanwhile, opening each concert will be Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, who will forgo the traditional musical performance in favor of a cooking lesson featuring recipes he contributed to the 'I Like Food, Food Tastes Good' indie rock cookbook, plus dishes he'll serve if he follows his dreams of opening a taqueria in Glasgow.

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    What in the world is Phish Patchouli-Pocalpypse? If you've caught Phish live, you know the very particular smell that wafts through the hordes of obsessed phans that congregate in the parking lot outside the venue before the show. It's a mix of the funky body odor carried by smelly hippies who haven't showered in weeks, the aroma of the Kind Veggie Burritos they sell to finance their travels and the unmistakable scent of burning marijuana. Well, the Phish Patchouli-Pocalpypse is a new perfume created by the band to cover all that up, and on this trek, they give it out free to all concertgoers eager to mask that smell.

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