Rock stars loom larger than life, but many of your favorite musicians are actually pretty short. The average American/European male stands about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and believe it or not, a handful of indie and alt-rock superstars simply don't measure up. Musically, they're towering figures -- giants among men -- but in terms of sheer height, they might not be allowed on some roller coasters.

Given our strange fascination with height, we here at have followed in the footsteps of our friends at Starcrush -- who've created a great inventory of pint-sized celebrities -- and compiled a list of surprisingly short male rockers. Scroll through, peep the shocking data and take comfort in your genetic good fortune. You might not be a millionaire guitar player with talent to spare and money to squander, but at least you don't need a stepladder to put away your dishes.