Remember the first time you fell, or thought you fell, in love? Silent Rider took all those emotions and threw them into an electro-pop pot to whip up their new single 'Rave Love.'

The Brooklyn band combines melancholy electronic sounds, somber melodies and bittersweet lyrics to create a beautifully crafted track that's as sweet on the ears as it is a tad heavy on the heart.

You can listen to 'Rave Love,' an exclusive premiere, below.

"The phrase 'Rave Love' refers to the fleeting and mad nature with which young love is often approached," says Silent Rider's frontman Reed Kackley. "Using raw percussive textures and roomy analog synth tones, this concept is blended with a narrative about infidelity and a disdain for youthful lust."

The song comes from the trio's upcoming EP, due soon.