The new Silversun Pickups video 'Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)' was was filmed by James Frost, the man who directed Radiohead's 'House of Cards' using LIDAR technology and OK Go's 'This Too Shall Pass' with the help of a Rube Goldberg machine. 'Bloody Mary' isn't nearly as innovative as those videos, but it still catches the eye with a mysterious storyline.

With a starry sky above a rocky landscape, the opening few shots establish the scene as a desert setting. Band members' faces are shown in silhouette against the rocks, along with unexpected images of headlights and a woman running.

As the sun rises, the clip turns into a simple performance video, with singer Brian Aubert and Co. playing the track in a barren land of dirt. Shots of the group are cut with more headlights, a box full of colorful gases, and more footage of the woman running. She eventually stops, but it's unclear whether she has found what she's looking for, and the video fades out. The video ends up being as enigmatic as it seemed when the band tweeted photos from the set last month.

'Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)' is the lead single from 'Neck of the Woods,' the L.A. band's third album. Silversun Pickups' biggest hits to date are 'Lazy Eye' and 'Panic Switch,' the latter of which helped them earn a Grammy nomination.

Watch the Silversun Pickups 'Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)' Video