Silversun Pickups have had a busy few weeks following the May 8 release of their third album, 'Neck of the Woods,' and all the promotion that goes along with it. Said promotions brought SSPU frontman Brian Aubert and bassist/singer Nikki Monninger to Easy Street Records in Seattle, Wash., on Saturday (May 19) for a free in-store acoustic set that was followed up with an autograph session with fans.

It was during that autograph session that the two rock stars encountered what is possibly one of the oddest items they've ever had the pleasure of signing: an adorable little baby. While it's hard to tell whether Aubert actually autographed the tiny tyke  -- "Thanks Easy Street Records. I sign Tron babies," he wrote in a Twitter post -- if nothing else, it at least was an encounter with what likely has to be the world's youngest Silversun Pickups fan.