Skrillex has certainly won over the Grammy committee, club DJs, the record-buying public and even a few moms with his dance music called dubstep, but what do the kids think of him? And when we say "the kids," we don't mean the trend-savvy adolescent youth of America -- we mean actual adorable little children.

To find out, the people behind Vice enlisted a gaggle of cute little kids to take part in a listening party for an episode of their online video feature called Noisey. In the clip, the kids voice their opinion of the DJ's hot hit single 'Bangarang.'

Oh, did we mention they gathered the kids in a London dance club, dressed them up like little ravers and loaded them up with the good stuff (candy!)? The children are decked to the nines in club gear, from brightly colored wigs and necklaces to baggy pants and plastic thick-rimmed glasses. In between turns busting moves on the disco floor, the kids sit down on a couch, throw on headphones to listen to 'Bangarang' and let the comments fly.

The verdict? It's hard to get a precise read on if they liked it from their comments -- though they certainly seemed to have a blast cutting a rug on the multicolored light-up disco floor -- so let's just sample some of the comments.

"What is dubstep?" asks one girl in baggy overalls, perhaps voicing a question millions have thought to themselves but were afraid to ask.

"This music makes me want to slap my sister's fat butt," says one little girl, decked out in a Dayglo orange wig, a string of brightly colored beads around her neck.

"It makes me want to run around and dance," adds a girl in a purple top.

"The song makes me feel crazy, like I've eaten loads of sweet," a little redheaded boy wearing a rainbow tie-dye T-shirt chimes in a bit later.

"His hair looks like a girl and his face like a boy," adds another redheaded boy, after seeing a picture of the DJ. "And that's so funny."

So funny, indeed.

Watch a Group of Cute Little Kids Review Skrillex's 'Bangarang'