After Wild Flag broke up back in 2013, there has been major anticipation of a Sleater-Kinney reunion, especially since Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss were rendered bandless. After a recent interview with Brownstein -- who didn't quite deny the possibility of a reunion -- and the announcement of the release of the 'Start Together' box set, fans and music industry heads alike have been convinced. "I would be curious. I think we have more to say. I think we ended at a time when it wasn’t tapering off, actually," Brownstein says. "I would be curious to know what the rest of the story is with that band."

Now, after a few fans took to vinyl message boards and Twitter, we can nearly confirm that there could possibly maybe be a reunion in the works. Apparently, the 'Start Together' set comes with a mysterious 7-inch marked '1/20/15' that includes a previously unheard Sleater-Kinney song. It's apparently titled 'Bury Our Friends,' and you can listen to a brief clip of the track below, thanks to one of the tweeters:

UPDATE: You can now hear the new song in full below:

Could '1/20/15' be the potential new album's release date? We're not too sure (but we're freaking hopefuly). But rumor has it that potential cover art has surfaced via the mobile app Shazam, and it shows an album title of 'No Cities To Love' -- stay tuned for more details.