While the Apple Watch may be the smartwatch talk of the town as of late, the Berlin-based tech company Soundbrenner is adding its own product to the market -- and it’s specifically designed with musicians in mind.

Unlike Apple’s, the Soundbrenner Pulse doesn’t run apps or, you know, all the things your smartphone does. Instead, it has one goal in mind, and that’s helping artists maintain their rhythm while performing.

As Soundbrenner describes, the Pulse is a “wearable, connected device for musicians that you can control from your phone. It’s designed for use with any instrument by musicians of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.”

It’s essentially a wearable metronome. All musicians have to do is tap out the beat on their Pulse, and the watch will deliver vibrations -- which are, according to Gizmodo, six times the strength of a smartphone’s and can be customized -- to help them maintain the rhythm. Users can also set a specific BPM on the corresponding smartphone app.

Musicians also have the option to sync their watch with other Pulses so an entire band can stay on the same beat.

Get a greater sense of how the Soundbrenner Pulse works by viewing the promo video above.