If you're looking for some new rock tunes this year, Soda Fabric might just be the band for you.

Their track, 'Bitter Moon' -- which dropped a few months ago -- has been gaining attention all over the place and prepping us for their upcoming debut album, 'Atlantis.' Claiming they are from the mystical water world, three of the band members have been friends since they were kids and jumped into the punk scene around the same time. However, as they got older, the Berlin-based rockers started to find their own signature sound that mixes a little Brit-pop with a little noise and shoegaze -- making for an upbeat, frenetic sounding record.

We recently spoke with the band about how they got started, the origin of their band name and what it was like to work with longtime musician Daniel Johnston and Max Bloom of Yuck.

So first off: How did the band get together?

Jill, Moosh and Tamir are old-time friends. They grew up together and got involved in the punk scene -- going to shows, playing in some bands and sometimes on the streets together. Shachak came [up] with the idea of starting a band; similar musical influences and the love for the same bar brought him to join us.

And the story behind the band name?

Shachak’s grandma had a soda factory in old Czechoslovakia. The Nazis took over the factory and shut it down. It turned out that Moosh's grandma came from the same area in Czechoslovakia, and so we thought it's a nice idea. We also think it's a catchy, bubbling name.

You're from Atlantis by way of Berlin. How has your home base influenced your sound?

Atlantis is an island underwater. We are influenced by the sounds of the deep ocean, the mermaids and the creatures that live there. For example, our next single, 'Teenage Illusion,' talks about a couple running away together to live happily under the water.

Any favorite Berlin artists or bands we should be listening to?

Charlie Megira is the best thing around -- a surrealistic illusion that landed from space to make music in the most stylish way. Haxxan is the new garage rock sensation, and BNJMN is an electronic producer we really dig.

You've performed with Daniel Johnston. What was that experience like?

We had one chaotic rehearsal with him. We didn't know what to expect of the show because it seemed he is only interested in buying comics and CDs, and less about playing with us. Eventually onstage, though, we played together for what was one of the most emotional and touching shows of our lives.

Now let's talk about 'Atlantis.' What can we expect from the record?

We think it’s a timeless masterpiece, a classic cult album. Musically, it’s fizzy, fuzzy, groovy, wavy and ravey.

You worked with Max Bloom of Yuck. How did that collaboration come about?

[Yuck] had a show in Berlin. We went to drink together in their hotel bar, played table football with them and had a nice chat with Max. Max is a real musician, and you can hear it. He gave his own input to the album and we are super happy with the result.

What's the most memorable track on the record for you?

If we have to choose one favorite song, it's the final track, 'Atlantis.' We don't want to talk too much about this song, but we think the music will speak for itself. Stay tuned.

With the album releasing in the spring, does this mean we'll be getting to see you guys play in the U.S.?

We don't know yet. We can say for sure that one of our dreams is to tour around the U.S. as soon as possible.

What are the plans for 2015?

We want to tour and travel together around the world and spread the Soda vibes. We also plan to record new stuff.