French singer and multi-instrumentalist Soko will release her second full-length album, ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality,’ this spring; it’s a major departure from the Bordeaux-hailing musician’s 2012 debut, ‘I Thought I Was an Alien.’

The album boasts lead single, ‘Who Wears the Pants ??’, which can be heard in the video above. Soko says she wrote the angsty, punk-ridden tune when she “got fed up with all the crap I hear from homophobic demons.”

‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ will also feature two collaborations with L.A.-based singer-songwriter Ariel Pink called 'Monster Love' and ‘Lovetrap.’ Check out the complete track list below.

Soko’s sophomore effort will arrive on March 3 on her own label, Babycat Records. You can pre-order it here.

‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ Track List
1. 'I Come in Peace'
2. 'Ocean of Tears'
3. 'Who Wears the Pants ??'
4. 'My Precious'
5. 'Bad Poetry'
6. 'Temporary Mood Swings'
7. 'My Dreams Dictate My Reality'
8. 'Monster Love'
9. 'Peter Pan Syndrome'
10. 'Lovetrap'
11. 'Visions'
12. 'Keaton’s Song'