Norwegian pop maestro Sondre Lerche has a new song out called 'Boxing Day.' Well, it's not really a new song, but rather one that he's kept hidden in his vaults for years.

"I think the song might be about branching out on your own and feeling that you're not quite carrying your own weight," Lerche said. "For some reason it never found its way onto any of the albums. This version was recorded for the 'Phantom Punch' album in L.A. in 2007 but I didn't feel it fit the album and once again left it out in the cold."

'Boxing Day' starts off with just an acoustic guitar and a drum loop, leading one to believe that this may be an unfinished recording or a demo. But pretty soon a piano an electric guitar and harmonies join in, and it becomes pretty clear that this was the intention.

Musically, it hits a lot of the touchstones we expect from Lerche -- a sweet pop melody, some jazzy chords that take the song in different directions and a quasi-bossa nova rhythm. Maybe it's a little too clever for its own good, as sometimes the case with Lerche, but it still works very well and is over way too quickly.

Listen to Sondre Lerche, 'Boxing Day'