When Kim Gordon isn't playing bass with Sonic Youth, one of her favorite hobbies is fashion -- wearing, collecting and even designing high-end, vintage and couture fashion. And now Gordon is doing a little fall cleaning by auctioning off a selection of designer clothes from her closet over at the Mercy's Vintage website. The stash includes outfits she wore onstage and in various Sonic Youth videos.

A good deal of the duds have already been picked through by fans since the auction started, but there are still several items left, including a Prada black leather coat ($450), a Marni brown and gray geometric dress ($425), Miu Miu hot shorts ($225) and Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony black heels ($175). Before Sevigny was famous, she modeled for Gordon's own X-girl fashion label and later appeared in Sonic Youth's 'Sugar Kane' video.

Even with the steep prices, it's fun to simply look through Gordon's stylish closet. Gordon may be focused on fashion a little more than normal right now, what with news last fall of her and SY frontman Thurston Moore, her husband of nearly three decades, splitting up. The band has been on hiatus since then, and while Gordon and Moore did manage to come together to record a new album with Yoko Ono titled 'YOKOKIMTHURSTON,' the future of Sonic Youth itself remains a mystery.